Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Cherry Zhang, or 张樱子 (Chinese), or 張桜子 (Japanese) and I'm a self-motivated engineering student, driven by my curiosity and passion.

Currently I am studying Mechatronics Engineering (Honours, Co-op) with an intended minor in Management Science at the University of Waterloo. I am always excited about learning new technologies and solving challenging problems. I love working on projects that make a positive change and improve the wellbeing of people. Once I graduate, I intend on pursuing graduate studies. Check out my portfolio page that lists what research experience and other skills I have.

I love volunteering. I've taught music to refugee children, volunteered at hackathon workshops in Japan, and volunteered at engineering/robotics outreach events to highschool students and girls.

In terms of hobbies, I have a passion for music and have played in orchestras for almost 10 years. I like to sing for fun, and have been formally playing the violin (and recently the viola) since I was a kid. I also enjoy learning history, philosophy, and have been interested in the study of psychology.

I love technology and innovation. That's why I decided to become an engineer.

(Photo During an after party for JPHacks at Google Japan Office)



I am in tune with my artistic and cultural side. I love history, philosophy, and Japanese culture, and of course sushi.

(Photo of us eating sushi made by a former apprentice of the famous sushi chef, Jiro)

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